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UK Government Minister for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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RT @MrsTheresaMay: Can confirm Graham Norton will replace Jeremy Hunt as foreign secretary x #Eurovision

RT @cllrdmeikle: For 10 yrs I served as lone Conservative Cllr/Group Leader on Glasgow Council & since 2017 I’ve led a talented group of co…

RT @NigelBritto: The smart way to keep people passive and obedient. Noam Chomsky hits the nail on the head.

Ian Duncan (unknown) retweeted @UndisScot :

RT @UndisScot: The Bass of Inverurie, standing within a cemetery at the southern end of Inverurie in Aberdeenshire: all that remains of a c…

RT @kyleakthornton: I was born in Glasgow, educated here and I live here. I’m proud to represent my ward on the Council and I’m proud to be…

Ian Duncan (unknown) retweeted @liamyoung :

RT @liamyoung: Chuka Umunna has asked for a 'post mortem of Labour's night in London. The verdict is in: best result since 1971.