All deleted tweets from politicians

“At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty the wit; and at forty, the judgment.” — Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1741

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James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Nobody is calling for your testing regime Mr. President. No one.

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

A 90 year-old Belgian woman, Suzanne Hoylaerts, has died of COVID-19 after refusing a ventilator. She told her doctors: “Save it for younger patients. I’ve already had a good life.” Tragic and beautiful - ❤️

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Trump University had/has a medical program?

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Carole Baskin...

RT @CochraneCBC: So much of Ontario’s and Canada’s ability to limit the damage of Covid-19 really depends on the Snowbirds listening to public health advice and staying at home. They’ve all just returned from the global epicentre of this disease.

RT @JohnWrightLive: As you know I am not partisan. I call a spade a shovel. But @fordnation has grown in every measure into a good, solid, trustworthy leader. His presser right now is a testiment to his transformation. I’m grateful that he and @celliottability are leading this life and death fight.

RT @Gray_Mackenzie: "I can't stress how disappointed I am with Pres. Trump for making this decision … I’m not going to rely on President Trump, or any PM or President of any other country again. Our manufacturing, we're gearing up and once they start, we’re never going to stop them" – Doug Ford

RT @ianbremmer: RT @ianbremmer: Italy starting to plateau. Lockdowns work.

RT @UNBCStudentLife: RT @UNBCStudentLife: Welcome (back) UNBC Students! We're excited to see your smiling faces filling the UNBC halls today/tomorrow!◽ #MissedY…