All deleted tweets from politicians

NDP Member of Parliament for Nanaimo-Cowichan.

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RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: .@r_garrison moves amdt to #stopC51. Will #CPC #LPC finally heed dire warnings of experts+1000s of Cdns?#cdnpoli #NDP ht…

RT @Serious_Coffee: RT @Serious_Coffee: This is what #Cowichan is all about! ❤ this pic! In Duncan BC yesterday, Wounded Warrior Run BC #Cowichanv @wwrunbc ht…

RT @CBCStephenQuinn: Can I get on a BC Ferry? No, stay home. But the cabin on the Sunshine Coast is okay, right? No, stay home. So my sister in Abbotsford is making Easter dinne... Stay home. What about the Seawall? Stay home. Tennis? Home. So wait, you're saying I should just stay home ?

RT @lanapopham: If you are a farmer, food processor, fisher or anyone involved in our food system please reach out to us at We are doing our best to reach out to you & check-in. If you want to share any concerns please do. #weareinthistogether #food #farmers Lana

Jean Crowder (unknown) retweeted @FNWARM :

RT @FNWARM: RT @FNWARM: #cdnmining needs an overhaul! No end in sight: New public meetings to discuss Faro mine cleanup

RT @iancapstick: RT @iancapstick: Jack Layton’s hometown is honouring him today, looking forward this afternoons park dedication in Hudson. #ndp #cdnpoli

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: #C262, @RomeoSaganash's #UNDRIP bill is PASSED 217-76 at 2nd reading and is now referred to committee! Miigwetch Romeo! #cdnpoli #NDP

RT @meg_mittelstedt: RT @meg_mittelstedt: Chomsky "all over the world the leading forces in trying to prevent a race to disaster are Indigenous communities.” ht…