All deleted tweets from politicians

Northland MP Authorised by M. King, 93 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri.

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RT @amyadamsMP: This weekends pre budget ‘Wellbeing’ announcement is the 3rd that just continues the work of @NZNationalParty. Housing First, Family Violence programmes & now 17yo into youth justice systems. With Kiwibuild and fees free failures seems our policies are the ones actually helping

RT @amyadamsMP: But homelessness is at record levels with demand up by 300% under this Govt and 7 of 9 child poverty indicators have gotten worse since election, after improving under National. Reality doesn’t match your rhetoric. BTW where’s the Kermadec sanctuary?…

RT @BCBNZ: RT @BCBNZ: @MattKingNorth You're just jealous.

@kauriyoda @HowardC90273259 That's precisely why it was reversed if you think otherwise you are either delusional or a Labour party propagandist

Matt King (unknown) tweeted :

In with her it's madness this Civid BS.

Matt King (unknown) replied to @DomCShaheen :

@DomCShaheen Read the first word

RT @Light42Lime: @clarecurranmp @NZNationalParty Clare, the best thing you could do for yourself and your party right now is to fade into the sunset. You did your dash some time ago and have no credibility whatsoever anymore. Forget about raging, just go quietly into the night.