All deleted tweets from politicians

National Party MP for Pakuranga, Spokesperson for Police, Corrections, Serious Fraud Office and Youth. Authorised by Simeon Brown, 120 Pakuranga Road, Auckland

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RT @Omahuson: RT @Omahuson: @NewshubPolitics Polls also indicated that New Zealanders favoured the legalisation of cannabis. How'd that work out in the…

RT @mjdineen: Ok @JudithCollinsMP so I may be one of the two Crowne Plaza unknowns. I work next door. Sent an email to the COVID response people at 5.13 today and was told I was out of hours and they would reply within 5 days. So much for good citizenry.

RT @michaelwoodnz: @SimeonBrownMP @TheAMShowNZ So what Simeon. Do you want to start a stupid little competition where I list every jerk, rogue, & crook who has ever supported National. What good would that do? We'll stay focussed on ways to reduce drug harm & disrupting the power & influence of gangs.

RT @amyadamsMP: To have our PM confusing GDP stats with crown accounts and loosely throwing around information which is market sensitive based on confusing the two is unacceptable and frankly, embarrassing

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :

“Yes, he just yelled Sieg Heil - a victory salute used by Nazis at their political rallies. This is the man Jacinda gave almost $3 million.”…

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :
Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :

This press release from my colleague @ScottSimpsonMP. Feral with the puns.

RT @liamkernaghannz: RT @liamkernaghannz: Will the Labour dudebros on this website now retract their attacks on Michael Woodhouse now or just go silent?

New Zealanders have had enough of the increasing presence of gangs and how they are becoming more emboldened under this soft-on-gangs Labour Govt.

Is it acceptable under this Labour Govt for gangs to completely take over the road and openly break road rules? @PotoChchEast