All deleted tweets from politicians

@NZGreens MP for Auckland Central. “Hopelessly woke” - Hosking #AuthorisedBy C Swarbrick, 76 Karangahape Rd

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RT @antissa: A quick infographic showing how fast Delta spreads compared to the original strain. Helps explain why case numbers have accelerated so rapidly in Australia and New Zealand. Animation by @adam_b_adada, data viz @NickEvershed

RT @Moce_Doce: This week (Tues evening NZ time) I’ll be doing a little Talanoa about my Thesis and research into the Mental Health System in Fiji … Here’s the link feel free to join hopefully it’s helpful to someone somewhere 🤎 #TeamFiji #FollowThePac

RT @kirsty_johnston: Women - and in particular Māori women- are being increasingly stalked and harassed by far right activists simply for existing. Thank you to everyone who spoke to us…

RT @pearlwendyl: Violeta Gilabert was last seen at Saloon Bar on K Road - please share and if you think you have seen her dm me or let the police know

RT @LeroyBeckett: RT @LeroyBeckett: Policy having candidates by electorate is fun…

RT @LeroyBeckett: Takeaways: 🏆Three way race! ❓20% undecided is massive 🔴White has failed to unite the massive Labour vote 🔵 Mellow solid but the party vote has just collapsed 🟢 Hope this kills any vote splitting narrative & people can vote for who they think is the best candidate

RT @LeroyBeckett: RT @LeroyBeckett: We are learning that street corners with Chlöe are not small events

RT @LeroyBeckett: RT @LeroyBeckett: Celebrating the poll at a local woke cafe ✅✅☕️

RT @LeroyBeckett: RT @LeroyBeckett: Vote Green TWICE✅✅