All deleted tweets from politicians

I'm so hip, my iPhone is merely my alarm clock. Web developer @OpenstateEU. Python, Ruby, open data, IR, search. Built @politwoops & @diplotwoops

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RT @youngvulgarian: Ed Balls sits quietly at his kitchen table. Yvette is at work, the kids at school. "Today should have been about me", h…

RT @kamal_hothi: @maartenzam @nikosloutas Oh. Hope we can have both. Plenty of users out there who can't use API's. We've to be careful to…

Maar voorderest is Nederland helemaal geen belastingparadijs voor

1. Heather Nova 2. Portishead 3. Faithless 4. Peter Beense 5. Underworld 6. Tori Amos

RT @TheJeffBridges: Can’t be living in the past, man. Stay tuned.

@haatheks snap nu waarom gremlins op hun rug slapen

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