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@UKIP Member of European Parliament for Scotland, Leader UKIP Scotland, YI hon co-President, Unionist & Secular, Libertarian #Trident&Tunnocks

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RT @EconBritain: RT @EconBritain: UKIP ought to be on a roll. Instead, it has reverted to its favourite pastime of infighting

RT @nerdmonarch: @BrexitBattalion @BeeAHoney_ Here is the article from yesterday where Nick Timothy explains why Boris needs to leave the ECHR:…

RT @RaheemKassam: Rioting outside Downing Street in England. Not one of these people knows anything about George Floyd. Just products of a moronic education system that has convinced them they’re oppressed.

RT @markantro: When a teacher says we need to teach our kids socialism to bring them up properly....... Yeah, about that. You can’t have socialism without first taking, with force, someone else’s property. I’ll teach my kids the value of hard work, not theft, thank you

RT @Holbornlolz: RT @Holbornlolz: He's run rings around them. Watch and learn.

RT @Holbornlolz: RT @Holbornlolz: Blueticks absolutely LIVID they aren't smart enough to trip him up. Might retweet the angriest.

RT @AlsNvr: RT @AlsNvr: Le premier ministre italien remet à sa place l'hypocrite Macron. Bravo.…

RT @Squill_whispers: As MSM claims these are just peaceful protesters who are angry over the death of a black man by the hands of a few white bad apple police officers,. Listen to the words the are saying: F y’all, and we beat y’all’s asses. Doesn’t look peaceful to me!

RT @Simon06001: RT @Simon06001: Soubry is furious with @LeaveEUOfficial ◽ this press conference is all about #AnnaSoubry

David Coburn (unknown) retweeted @jflamo :

RT @jflamo: RT @jflamo: @MoS_Politics @DPJHodges ...and I’m sure my trip to Skye was also fabricated by the public who just don’t seem to like me for s…