All deleted tweets from politicians

@UKIP Member of European Parliament for Scotland, Leader of @UKIP_Scotland, British Unionist & Secular Libertarian #Trident #AynRand #FreeSpeech

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RT @toadmeister: A message to the Remainers in Parliament from the EU’s Chief Colonial Officer: “Congratulations on quashing the rebellion.”…

RT @Holbornlolz: RT @Holbornlolz: Council boss branded a hypocrite after issuing ‘stay home’ warning from the Maldives…

RT @dbongino: ANTIFA is an anti-free-speech terror group committed to advancing fascism and tyranny. They use pack violence, like animals, as an intimidation tool because they’re not brave enough to act alone. They’re scared little boys and girls when alone in their momma’s basements.

RT @LEJ88: “It was made clear by the UK that more time is needed to find a precise solution [on the Irish border], therefore there is no other way but to continue the talks,” Donald Tusk tells a mostly empty European Parliament chamber on last week’s European Council

RT @LEJ88: Guy Verhofstadt says the European Parliament considers the Withdrawal Agreement is 0% complete until there’s agreement on the Irish border backstop

RT @LEJ88: Tomorrow's European Council is rapidly turning into a support group meeting for politicians losing their grip on power. On top of May, Merkel is on her way out, Macron and the Polish PM are now facing confidence votes and the Belgian PM has just lost his majority

RT @LEJ88: RT @LEJ88: Theresa May’s new Brexit strategy getting absolutely Theresa May

RT @UK__News: RT @UK__News: David Cameron is to warn that migrant camps like the 'Jungle' could appear in Kent if Britain votes to leave the EU. https://…

RT @georgegalloway: Complaining at British govt throwing tens of millions of pounds at Scotland is peak SNP. “An attack on devolution” they call it having spent 13 years trying to destroy devolution and partition the country. No new money should be channeled through the conspiracy that is the SNP

RT @JamesMelville: The plastic pollution patch in the Pacific Ocean is three times the size of France - containing 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic.