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Dropout, Butcher, Harvard Grad, Consultant, Advisor, Economist, and now National Party MP for Northcote.

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RT @NZWarriors: 80 minutes done. 18-18. We’re heading to golden point.

RT @paulabennettmp: Govt claim one of the main reasons to legalise cannabis is to get rid of the black market. Recent Canadian stats say 38…

Dan Bidois (unknown) replied to @dan_bidois :

Our whakapapa, personal upbringing and cultures are all different, yet I believe in a New Zealand that is inclusive of all. To all those like me, we should rise above Willie’s comments and be proud of who we are. #nzpol

Dan Bidois (unknown) replied to @dan_bidois :

If you whakapapa to an iwi or tribe, then you are Maori - period. I’m proud of my Maori roots and I will not apologise for my surname, upbringing or lack of linguistic ability - I am who I am... #nzpol

Dan Bidois (unknown) replied to @dan_bidois :

To the Labour Party, if you whakapapa Maori but don’t vote Labour, don’t speak Te Reo or don’t support the Maori seats, then you’re not Maori to them. To them, you’re an impostor. I joined the National Party because I reject this sort of identity politics... #nzpol

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

Minister Willy Jackson saying that I ‘need to go back to Italy’ is nothing but clear racism. I’ve become accustomed to people saying that I’m ‘not Maori enough’ all throughout my life... #nzpol

RT @RupertMyers: 3 professional football players take on 100 children ⚽️

RT @NZWarriors: 49’ Pass 👌 then RTS does the rest - TRY! 🙌 #WeAreWarriors

Dan Bidois (unknown) tweeted :

Today New Zealand have been shaken but not broken. The events in Christchurch will be remembered for a lifetime. Remembered for reasons of violence and tragedy but also of bravery and heroic kiwis doing extraordinary things in times of trial. Kia Kaha Christchurch.

RT @simonjbridges: I’m shocked to hear about the incident unfolding in Christchurch. My heart goes out to the families and I stand with the…