All deleted tweets from politicians

MPP for Hastings-Lennox & Addington, elected 2018, Government Caucus Chair, MP for PE-H 2004-2015, former local Councillor, longtime business operator

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Daryl Kramp (unknown) tweeted :

Good news! Ontario will move to Stage 3 five days earlier than expected, on Friday, July 16th at 12:01 am Many highlights, but in addition to the return of inside dining, crowds in the Rogers Centre home of the Blue Jays can be up to 15,000!…

Daryl Kramp (unknown) tweeted :

Then the visiting members of the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program travelled out County Road 9 to Kaiser Lake Farms for a detailed look at the history and operations of one of the largest and most successful farms in the area. Thanks to owners Eric and Max Kaiser for this.

Daryl Kramp (unknown) tweeted :

To try for an earlier than planned stage 1 re-open on June 7th, Premier Ford and Education Minister Lecce will re-start in-person school in September. They also call for in-person outdoors graduation ceremonies for all grades so kids can re-connect.…

Daryl Kramp (unknown) tweeted :

Ontario is expanding the age eligibility for AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine. Starting Tuesday, April 20, individuals aged 40 and over can receive the AstraZeneca #COVID19 vaccine at pharmacy or primary care settings across Ontario.…

RT @LisaThompsonMPP: In March alone, Ontario received 809,000 fewer vaccines from the federal government than promised. That’s 809,000 Ontarians who could have received a shot but didn’t. We need more vaccines.

RT @BigJoeBastardi: China to warm, Russia to grow amazingly cold, turning around pattern of warmth of the last year. Strat warm event now starting to take control Asia, then Europe, then NAMER. Last 45 days on right, notice warm becomes cold, cold warm, Watch for US pattern to do the same

RT @BigJoeBastardi: The Texas Grid is almost a circular firing squad. Many NG compressors due to mandates have to run on Electricity, not their own NG-generated sources. What happens when 50x demand and 25% generation off line? Down go the compressors, NG fails. Dominos fall

Daryl Kramp (unknown) tweeted :

If born in 1941 or earlier you can get your appointment for a vaccine dose, starting today. To do so, you, or somebody assisting you, can go online at or call 1-888-999-6488 to book appointment. Your health card, incl old red & white ones, are required.

RT @MacHealthSci: Research led by Branavan Manoranjan, a graduate of @McMasterMDPhD, and Sheila Singh, professor @McMasterSurgery, may have found a way to have the most serious types of pediatric brain cancer respond better to therapies. Published today in @NatureComms |…

RT @OntarioNewsNow: A new day has dawned at Hydro One. Premier Ford is taking action to clean up the hydro mess and restore transparency and accountability. #onpoli