All deleted tweets from politicians

Fmr. Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Peterborough.

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@stephenharper The world needs your leadership Stephen, Canada desperately needs it.

RT @brianlilley: Anyone recognize this MP wandering around in the buff in their office while taking part in the hybrid Parliament? Obviously, given the flag, they are from Quebec. Wonder what kind of mobile phone he uses? #cdnpoli

RT @CTVToronto: RT @CTVToronto: Efforts to get official Conservative policy to recognize that climate change is real have failed.…

@towhey BOOM! This is the best tweet to date for 2021 my books, you nailed it Mark.

RT @brianlilley: Days after @JustinTrudeau said he was getting tough on gun crime his government has introduced legislation to lower sentences for gun trafficking, illegal importation, robbery and extortion using a gun and more. Read & RT #cdnpoli…

RT @MarissaNovetsky: RT @MarissaNovetsky: Where is Trudeau?

RT @joe_warmington: @JohnTory @fordnation @JustinTrudeau @CPHO_Canada @TPSOperations @epdevilla please ensure no citizens are hurt during lockdown enforcement. Don’t forget mental health. Freedom of protest. Freedom of press. Safety of rank and file officers. G20 lessons and Moses Demian. #COVID19

Dean Del Mastro (unknown) tweeted :

BONOKOSKI: Chasing honest folk instead of bad guys just stupid…

RT @randyhillier: Yesterday I had the opportunity to share some of the unseen tragedies I have heard during the #COVID19 crisis. Listen to these stories. I want to hear your feedback on the recent months of being under this State of Emergency. #onpoli

Dean Del Mastro (unknown) tweeted :

Tampa Rays pitcher Blake Snell's remarked Tuesday "I gotta get my money. "I’m not playing unless I get mine, OK? And that’s just the way it is for me." Talk about tone deaf, find a way to agree and bring people some joy amid this challenge!