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Fmr. Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Peterborough.

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RT @Roman_Baber: Fact that Declaration of Emergency was voted on after the "Emergency" was over, reaffirms that it was always about ego & politics. Shame on @JustinTrudeau & @theJagmeetSingh. The world is watching and we will never forget. #onpoli #cdnpoli

RT @SaraCarterDC: Reports are the woman trampled by a Canadian horse patrol just died at the hospital ... #Trudeau #FreedomConvoyCanada

RT @ezralevant: As hard as it is to believe, this woman (Chrystia Freeland) is the deputy of BOTH Justin Trudeau and Klaus Schwab, at the same time. She’s deputy prime minister of Canada and a director of Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

RT @ezralevant: Canadians cannot get the truth from Trudeau’s media. But Canadians can get the truth from foreign media that he does not control.

RT @francesca6365: The only aggression I experienced today at the Ottawa protest was on my walk home. A woman yelled at me from her front porch “Get vaccinated you f**cking bitch.”

@brianlilley The Emergencies Act suspends Charter obligations and other restraints on govt actions and responses to deal with actual emergencies. This move would be an extreme response, totally unjustified. Let's hope their are rationale voices at the cabinet table or among first ministers.

Dean Del Mastro (unknown) tweeted :

@schofirld this is nonsense! The carbon tax which @JustinTrudeau is increasing even with record high energy prices driving the costs of everything higher is 💯 inflationary! It's simple economics and it's hurting Canadians!!…

Dean Del Mastro (unknown) tweeted :

@JustinTrudeau not @fordnation allowed the UK variant of C19 t walk into ontario through our airports. @JustinTrudeau decided to partner with China on vaccine development ann which has resulted in Canada trailing the entire G8 in vaccinations.…

Dean Del Mastro (unknown) tweeted :

C19 resulted from gain of function testing at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. To suggest otherwise is to deny the mountain of evidence that points at the lab. Many outside of China supported this research, banned in the US, time for them to speak.…