All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @SkyeCity_: RT @SkyeCity_: I am embarrassed by Keir Starmer's leadership. Utterly embarrassed.

RT @SkyeCity_: If The Daily Mail, the fucking Daily Mail, can buy 150,000 pieces of PPE from China and fly them to the NHS just like that, the Tory government is absolutely not fit for purpose.

RT @SkyeCity_: How the fuck is anyone brainwashed enough to think the Tories are "doing a good job" when OUR DEATH RATE IS OVER 100 TIMES HIGHER than countries which followed the science???

RT @georgegalloway: RT @georgegalloway: 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB says engineer… what does George Galloway make of the claim?…

RT @SkyeCity_: The ONS reports Covid-19 deaths are 40% higher than official figures, mainly because care home deaths aren't being counted. Dunno about you, but I tend to consider people in care homes to be actual humans.

RT @SkyeCity_: Multi-billionaire Sir Richard Branson who owns an island is threatening to let Virgin Atlantic collapse unless the tax payer pays the wages of his staff because he won't sell his island or pay their wages with the money their labour created. This is capitalism ladies & gentlemen.

RT @SkyeCity_: RT @SkyeCity_: Seems Piers Morgan is now the only actual journalist in the UK. Strange times we live in.

RT @SkyeCitySeries: @georgegalloway I struggle to believe there is anyone in the country who thinks this man took his own life. The people responsible need to be brought to justice. Thanks for sharing.

RT @SkyeCity_: Joe Biden is now US Presidential nominee, meaning the Democrats can never again attack the Republicans for choosing a lying, senile, racist, war mongering, sex offender. The "resistance" have shown themselves to be hypocrites in the most astounding way! #BernieDropOut

RT @SkyeCitySeries: Tony Blair says Labour must drop Corbyn's left wing politics to win election. Whose politics do you prefer? Blair's or Corbyn's? RT for larger sample! Feel free to comment with your thoughts