All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @Keith71mohawks: Appaĺling situation..heads have to roll. Nike'ola if you resign you will get more respect than being kicked out. So please do us all but, most importantly yourself a favour and go quietly...

RT @Keith71mohawks: @Effiedeans @georgegalloway @Alliance4Unity Nice to see you backing George...Effie, you have a lot of admiring followers who trust what you have to say. You always say how it is in a very enlightening way. 🙂 So please keep pushing for the @Alliance4Unity ..

RT @Keith71mohawks: @georgegalloway Always said opposition in Scotland pathetic, suggested "Scottish democratic Unionist Party". should start up. And still believe that, however @Alliance4Unity has stepped up to the plate. So lets get behind them no time to waste

RT @Keith71mohawks: @SmithScore @CRE8NU @2351onthelist @putey_pute @aBStRactARtiSTe @Bibbeth6 @Alliance4Unity @georgegalloway There's talk in the week end papers Salmond serious about starting up another Indy party to get get back at his Protege'. That will be fun to see.

RT @Keith71mohawks: @2351onthelist @georgegalloway @Gordonkyle1961 @TheInvestigat15 Get a grip mate after todays article in the Record about Thompson and AFI the SNP are implodeing, and you are to brainwashed by Sturgeon to accept it. The two indy parties😂 will wreck each others chances. And George will keep them apart?

RT @Keith71mohawks: RT @Keith71mohawks: Sounds like a big moment in Scottish politics to me...Go...George Galloway◽◽◽@Alliance4Unity..◽◽

RT @Keith71mohawks: @SmithScore @CRE8NU @2351onthelist @putey_pute @aBStRactARtiSTe @Bibbeth6 @Alliance4Unity @georgegalloway If people of limited intelligence in labour had listened to George, there would be no Iraq war, no ISIS acting retribution against Europe, no N African Terrorists blowing up young mums and daughters in Manchester. But no ,its George lets ignore. They're scared of him alright..

RT @ZambeziOutpost: RT @ZambeziOutpost: Go on, Eck. Go on!

RT @ZambeziOutpost: RT @ZambeziOutpost: Add the gallant north-east to that...

RT @cllrsamgorst: I have just emailed our Party's General Secretary @JennieGenSec regarding the suspension of Jo Bird and Mo Azam. Please read below:-