All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament @NZGreens, Human rights lawyer, KurdIranianKiwi refugee, Feminist, Oxford, UN, She/her. Authorised by Gwen Shaw, Lvl 2, 17 Garrett St, WLG

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RT @chrislynchmedia: Should you be able to vote at 16? And what about giving prisoners the right to vote. I caught up with @NZGreens MP @golrizghahraman #nzpol

RT @MagicTalkRadio: Have you read the latest Opinion from @NZGreens MP @golrizghahraman? "Fixing our gun laws is just the beginning, but it is an urgent and essential first step, one that was tragically overlooked, though repeatedly recommended before now." #nzpol

RT @huahsu: RT @huahsu: from 1971’s ‘Asian Women’

RT @buitengebieden: RT @buitengebieden: Cat calculating the physics before jumping..

RT @JacquieKidd1: RT @JacquieKidd1: I’m here all day for @MaramaDavidson @NZGreens She gives me hope for a world my mokopuna can thrive in…

RT @fogonwater: . @tzemingdynasty wrote for a chapter introduction for "We Are Here: An Atlas of Aotearoa" called "Lost in the Forest". @TheSpinoffTV just published the complete essay.… Far out. It still knocks me out every time.

RT @irinibus: A reminder: if the holidays bring shattered expectations for you, if your family is never going to be the family you wanted or needed, you're allowed to feel sad about it, no matter how fortunate you are. But also: try melted cheese. It helps.

RT @farkhondeh463: Immigrant’s wellbeing matters too! Sign the Petition! 'Travel exemption for parents of New Zealand citizens' @cjsbishop…

RT @OwenJones84: With 144 of 146 English councils declared, the Green Party has won more seats than the Labour Party, aka the actual main opposition. Turns out sticking your fingers up at progressive voters has actual consequences.