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Labour Party list MP, Authorised by Jan Tinetti, 1356 Cameron Road, Tauranga, 3112

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RT @bird_educator: During a recent visit to Pukorokoro Shorebird Centre our PM @jacindaardern, our Conservation Minister @EugenieSage and Tauranga MP @jantinetti all signed a painted wooden shorebird to join #TheFlock2019 on display at Memorial Park in Tauranga during Conservation Week. Thank you!

Jan Tinetti (unknown) retweeted @AAnahila :

RT @AAnahila: Ata marie, Labours class of 17 sharing kai with @CarmelSepuloni . Loads of gems,best gem “the value of family support, doesn’t necessarily mean your partner” for the Minister it was her “dad”. #WeStrongerTogether” #WellBeing @BeeFaerie @MarjaLubeck @Kieran_McAnulty @GregOhariu