All deleted tweets from politicians

New Zealand First MP. Class of 17. Ngāpuhi, 💖 in Hokianga. Authorised by Jenny Marcroft, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

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RT @RadioLIVENZ: #NightTalk: It's been one year since @winstonpeters chose to side with Labour and the Greens. Mitch Harris talks with NZ First list MP @jennymarcroft on the last year in Government, and what the toughest part of her job is

RT @MagicTalkRadio: RT @MagicTalkRadio: #Watch: Mark Sainsbury presents petition for elderly champion to MP @jennymarcroft…

@MarjaLubeck Vaxxing at Tauhoa this afternoon.

Jenny Marcroft (unknown) tweeted :

Congratulations @TovaOBrien you rock. As we say in radio … you’ve got a great face for radio! ◽ ◽

@tauhenare Is his your cuz?

Jenny Marcroft (unknown) tweeted :

We need Covid Vaccine Equity for Māori not Seymour’s nasty politicking. Shame on you David!

Jenny Marcroft (unknown) tweeted :

Congratulations @LloydBurr great Vox for radio ◽

RT @Omahuson: RT @Omahuson: @1NewsNZ @jacindaardern @jennymarcroft 's going to win it for New Zealand First any way.

RT @Omahuson: RT @Omahuson: @jennymarcroft @NewshubPolitics @JohnWardTulloch @lornaexplorernz I saw that too and got all nostalgic!!!