All deleted tweets from politicians

CPIML Politburo member, AIPWA Secretary, communist feminist, author: Fearless Freedom

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RT @chetna_mishra0: I want to thank @nsaibalaji @Hanumavihari @adarpoonawalla for responding and acknowledging my plea for plasma requirement. You people are serving humanity and deserve kindness and appreciation. Praying for your well-being!

RT @shashwatsays: RT @shashwatsays: A short story ft @republic and truth.

RT @roadscholarz: Vaccines aren't the only life saving good that the govt has been exporting at the cost of Indians who desperately need it. In a year of the worst humanitarian crisis India has seen since independence, the govt exported nearly three times as much rice as the previous year.

RT @Advaidism: 173 Indians were executed at Andaman's Cellular Jail & more than 3200 were incarcerated. But only 3 prisoners in the entire history of Cellular jail wrote mercy petitions to the British : Savarkar brothers & Barin Ghose. Let's see how history is being rewritten. #THREAD

RT @AudreyTruschke: RT @AudreyTruschke: One thing that is, unfortunately, true: Madhu Kishwar continues to sit on #JNU's academic council.…

RT @mediavigilindia: देश बेचू, आदमख़ोर, मोदी-शाह गद्दी छोड़- माले… via @mediavigilindia @Dipankar_cpiml @cpimlliberation @kavita_krishnan @dhirendra_ml

RT @Agrimonious: Kangana getting all this clout after maligning and slutshaming Rhea and now, appealing to your feminism by crying about being called a "Haramkhor" while bhakts regularly call women randi, chhenaal and threaten us with gangrape with rods everyday.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @KanganaTeam

@shahalam13 The tweet isn't visible on your TL. I checked

RT @nsaibalaji: Need a ICU bed for 69 year old lady. She is my friend's grand mother. Please do help and let me know any leads for Meerut! Address: Meerut SpO2: 69 Requirements: ICU bed with Oxygen or Oxygen supply Contact: Aamir- 91 97604 03284 @iArpitSpeaks

RT @cpimlliberation: Comrade Arvind Sinha, a long-standing pillar of the Hindi publication wing of @cpimlliberation, a dedicated communist and member of the party's Central Control Commission, passed away due to #Covid19 this afternoon in a Patna hospital. Adieu, Com. Arvind! Red Salute!