All deleted tweets from politicians

Secretary, AIPWA and Polit Bureau member, CPI(ML), editor, Liberation, and formerly a student activist with the AISA and former Jt Secy, JNUSU.

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RT @ShoaibDaniyal: An Indian court has reached peak "guilty until proven innocent". Not being able to prove a negative justifies an encounter. Kafkaesque doesn't even begin to capture it.

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: This is a bad argument at the best of times. But to push it on a day on which small savers (many of them seniors) avoided a major rate (and income) cut only due to elections....

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: This incredible tale should make people worry about Indian democracy and prompt a serious discussion about India's near-unique use of EVMs for voting.…

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: In India, by and large the only proper check on the executive are elections. Not legislatures (thanks to ADL), not judges, not even the media. To then ask to reduce elections ("one nation, one election") is counterproductive.

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: Eye witness reports from Sitalkuchi point to a criminal excess of force by paramilitary personnel against unarmed villagers, reports Moinuddin Chishti from Cooch Behar.…

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: A Congress candidate from West Bengal Rezaul Haque died of Covid. A reminder that as top, helicopter-outfitted, vaccinated national politicians are being (rightfully) blamed for crowds, many mid-level state netas are also victims. No other profession meets so many people.

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: Sorry, didn't realise more people don't recognise the back of Dilip Ghosh's head. Earlier photo is from his rally yesterday at South Dinajpur. This is from Mithun's rally today in Malda. Via ABP Ananda.

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: Earlier today, BJP held a large rally in Malda attended by Mithun Chakraborty with 2,000 people. EC to file an FIR for ignoring Covid guidelines. Similar allegations also against Dilip Ghosh, although EC yet to act. Meanwhile there is now an acute shortage of bed in Kolkata.

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: In related news, the Modi government instructed Twitter to take down the tweet of West Bengal’s minister of Labour and Law Moloy Ghatak which accused Modi of being a "Nero" who was "busy doing election rallies" during the pandemic. Twitter has complied.

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: BJP alleges a "conspiracy" as the Madras High Court blames elections for Covid spread. Alleges that TMC and court are saying the same thing. Calls for an investigation into the judge's statements.