All deleted tweets from politicians

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Peter Whittle (unknown) tweeted :

That’s it. I’ve put up with their predictable ‘Staff pics’ for years but from now on, no Waterstones for me. If you object to this woke editorializing (which they’re entitled to do) then stop using them ( which you can also do and have far more effect).

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RT @EquineEnergy: @Fox_Claire @NewCultureForum Excellent discussion, so many accuracy points made in a wonderfully civil discussion with everyone respecting everyone else's right to be heard, & no interrupting. Your contributions were erudite & very well argued. Listening to your debates & reading your tweets keeping me sane!

RT @oflynnsocial: A cricketer dressing up as someone from a different race for a fancy dress party in 2009 is leading the news. That's utterly absurd. Our broadcast media is clearly being run by left-wing ID politics addicts and activists.

RT @MrAndyNgo: Home video captures former NFL running back Zac Stacy savagely beating the mother of his child & throwing her around like a rag doll in Florida. The child was just feet away. Zac Stacy played for St. Louis Rams & the Jets.

RT @CataNigra: RT @CataNigra: Ukip's Peter Whittle: There have been decades of neglect of the working class

RT @GreatestCapital: RT @GreatestCapital: Westminster, 1960s. Not a stab vest, crash barrier or armed Police Officer to be seen. #oldlondon…

RT @TitaniaMcGrath: RT @TitaniaMcGrath: If you’re not announcing your pronouns, race, hairstyle and accessories, you’re on the wrong side of history. https://t…