All deleted tweets from politicians

Senator for South Australia. Proud mum, sister & aunt. World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Greens Party spokesperson for Enviro/Water/Arts/Comms/Tourism

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RT @hamishNews: So, turns out in 2015 Rio Tinto even made a documentary WITH the PKKP traditional owners about the archeological discoveries in Juukan Gorge. Whilst Rio Tinto has apologised for destroying the 46,000 year old site it defies belief they did not know how important the sites were.

RT @JamesMartinSJ: Let me be clear. This is revolting. The Bible is not a prop. A church is not a photo op. Religion is not a political tool. God is not your plaything.

RT @Riley7News: Cameraman Tim Myers hit with shield, punched in the face, @AmeliaBrace hit with truncheon. Doing their jobs while citizens bashed, shot with rubber bullets, and gassed so @realDonaldTrump can have a photo opportunity with a bible, the believers' book of peace. This is America.

Clean air. Clean water. A safe place to live. Was great to chat with @YaelStone about the need for a Green Recovery. Good for jobs, good for people and good for the planet 👇…

The Government needs to head the advice from the RBA on extending job keeper and job seeker ◽. Via @tickertvau

RT @JamieTravers: "Our climate is on the brink of collapse, as we continue to burn, mine coal, oil and gas; our ecosystem is crumbling." 🌏 Greens Senator @sarahinthesen8 introducing a 'Climate Trigger Bill' to the Senate 📜 @SBSNews #auspol

With $60b already budgeted let’s make sure no one who’s lost their job gets access to support. That’s casuals, migrant workers and workers in the Arts & Entertainment industry. We need an urgent $2b industry package to help artists & creative workers who have lost their jobs.

Nev Power, the mining industry guy, being paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to lead the Government’s Covid Commission shows up to speak with @SkyNewsAust today, but last week refused to front up to the Senate. That’s accountability under this Govt for you 🧐

Job figures today are horrible. Millions out of work and underemployed. This must be pause for thought for those zealots in the Government who are arguing to cut-short support people on Job Seeker payments.

Alan Jones is retiring. His treatment of women, particularly those in positions usually dominated by men, has been riddled with abuse and loathing. As someone who has been subject of to his nasty, lazy tirades more than once, I can’t be happier today to see the back of him.