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RT @TriciaAyrton: Very pleased proud & grateful to be selected along with Shaun O’Neill and Shah Wazir to stand for #Labour in Healey ward in the 2022 local elections. If elected I will put Labour values of equality decency fairness & integrity at the heart of all I do for those I represent 🌹

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

◽Read: The message the Conservatives gave is very clear: don’t grow up or grow old in the North of England.◽

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

◽Read: The message the Conservatives is very clear: don’t grow up or grow old in the North of England. ◽…

RT @JFColombia: 'Current and future Colombian governments [must] remember...their obligation to implement the peace agreement as it was signed." 5 years since peace was signed in Colombia, 147 parliamentarians across the UK and Ireland call on @IvanDuque's govt to respect the peace process.

RT @UKLabour: RT @UKLabour: Crony contracts handed out by the Conservatives must end.

RT @NavPMishra: They all come to Stockport 🚝 Nice to bump into my good friend @tony4rochdale at Stockport train station. Both of us on our way to Westminster.

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

📰Read I met with representatives of the MS Society in Parliament to put pressure on the Government to address the shortages in vital neurology services.👇…

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

📺Watch: I've joined @KPHS_Rochdale students in a short film for this year's @UKParliament Week. As an MP it's my job to listen to and speak for everybody across Rochdale and its surroundings. That doesn't just mean adults, it means young people too #UKPW…

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

With just four days to go to COP26, it’s time for Prime Minister Johnson to finally get serious about climate change. Labour is clear, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees can’t just be an ambition, it’s an imperative.