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RT @elsiewraighte: RT @elsiewraighte: Early morning leaflets for @PhilMass3y in Balderstone and Kirkholt ◽ #VoteLabour

RT @Andrew_Adonis: The striking & depressing thing about the vital arguments about democracy taking place between Europe’s leaders and the tinpot dictators of Hungary & Poland is that Britain is entirely AWOL Hungary & Poland are far-off lands of which Johnson & Raab know little & care less

RT @Andrew_Adonis: Now we’ve left the EU, Farage & the Europhobes want us to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, born out of the Nuremberg trials & the defeat of Nazism As a member of the Council of Europe, which appoints the court, I oppose this resolutely. So should every democrat

RT @Andrew_Adonis: ‘Johnson is refusing to allow the EU’s ambassador to Britain to have full diplomatic status’ (BBC) How silly, stupid, shortsighted, foolish, petty, self-defeating, insulting and impolite can you get?

RT @Andrew_Adonis: European Court of Human Rights orders Putin to release Alexei Navalny I’m proud to be a UK member of the Council of Europe whose independent court, the ECHR, stands for the rule of law and democracy across our continent

RT @LucyMPowell: I’ve been raising for years the cost, availability & capacity of bringing commercial vehicles up to standard for the CAZ. I’m pleased to see that Conservative colleagues recognise government funds are totally inadequate, & it’s the Gov passing legal buck to GM to solve pollution

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

✍️I've joined cross-Party MPs and Peers in writing to the Home Secretary, demanding an investigation around the length of time it is taking for the Home Office to process asylum applications in the UK. 👇

RT @TriciaAyrton: Very pleased proud & grateful to be selected along with Shaun O’Neill and Shah Wazir to stand for #Labour in Healey ward in the 2022 local elections. If elected I will put Labour values of equality decency fairness & integrity at the heart of all I do for those I represent 🌹

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

◽Read: The message the Conservatives gave is very clear: don’t grow up or grow old in the North of England.◽

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

◽Read: The message the Conservatives is very clear: don’t grow up or grow old in the North of England. ◽…