All deleted tweets from politicians

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Dilan Yeşilgöz (vvd) retweeted @jonfavs :

RT @jonfavs: RT @jonfavs: The parody account, and a few hours later, the real thing. Definitely living in a simulation.

Dilan Yeşilgöz (vvd) retweeted @jonfavs :

RT @jonfavs: RT @jonfavs: Speakers tonight have basically called the Democratic nominee a criminal, a c*unt, and a murder But this plagiarism thing is…

Dilan Yeşilgöz (vvd) retweeted @jonfavs :

RT @jonfavs: RT @jonfavs: Sarah Hurwitz, Michelle's head speechwriter, used to be Hillary's. So the Trump campaign plagiarized from a Hillary speechwrit…

Dilan Yeşilgöz (vvd) retweeted @jonfavs :

RT @jonfavs: RT @jonfavs: Should also say that, like her husband, Michelle wrote a lot of that 2008 campaign speech herself.

Dilan Yeşilgöz (vvd) retweeted @jonfavs :

RT @jonfavs: RT @jonfavs: And here's a recent profile of Sarah, who has done an incredible job writing with Michelle:…

Dilan Yesilgoz (vvd) retweeted @canmutlu :

RT @canmutlu: RT @canmutlu: "The group had been planning a trip to Kobani to build a library, plant a forest and build a playground in the town" #Suructa…

RT @CharifaSoulami: Zijn er Nijmegenaren/Utrechters/Arnhemmers etc die nu in verband met #Covid_19 behoefte hebben aan een gratis oppas? Wat medestudenten en ik willen met liefde de mensen helpen die zich nu inzetten om het land draaiende te houden #coronavirusNederland

RT @polTimorplein: RT @polTimorplein: @DilanYesilgoz @VVDAmsterdam kijk eens naar de filmpjes van team Zeeburg op onze Facebookpagina. Wij maken er zo nu en d…

RT @polTimorplein: RT @polTimorplein: # Koningsdag Oost020 vrijmarkt #Javastraat komt langzaam op gang.