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They’re called facts! UK vessles wouldn’t be able to fish in other waters or sell freely in the UK market without an agreement. It’s pretty obvious that the 200 mile zone doesn’t exist. A map will show that

RT @RobZerogravity: Fabulous day at Newbridge Fields for the Stroke Association walk…

RT @Annemariealex: Cabinet ministers discussed the upcoming Trump visit next month, for around 40 minutes .They considered the opportunity…

@carolyn_hitt That’s not fair, nobody was attacked

RT @Amanwy: Better jobs closer to home? Promoting the everyday economy? Boosting the Foundational economy? What does it all I mean? I try…

One thought. If we isn't have an agreement with the EU we don't have a free trade agreement with anybody because all the existing ones are through the EU. BTW they years to negotiate.

#disinformation #FakeNews ?Discussions ongoing today with #Commonwealth parliamentarians impressive key note address @VickiNashOII 😊thank you! Huge ability for unelected financers - to disrupt democratic institutions #CPA #BMIR #CyberSecurity @CPA_UK

RT @TeiloTrimble: @AMCarwyn I always assumed you where a brit-nat.