All deleted tweets from politicians

Carwyn Jones AM/AC

Assembly Member for Bridgend.Aelod y Cynulliad dros Ben-y-bont. Cymraeg neu Saesneg. Recovering First Minister. Debate welcomed. Ranting blocked.Trolls ignored.

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Having seen the highlights of the #ENGvSCO game, all I can say is that whatever then Scots drank at half time should be ,ade available to every sporting team. Incredible.


An off the wall idea: Extend article 50. Hold the European elections. Use them as a quick de facto referendum #PeoplesVote

Brexit: Direct rule for Northern Ireland 'real possibility' - BBC News. So, this is what taking back control meant. Placing NI under direct rule in contravention of a referendum result. A direct contradiction of UK Gov’s position on Brexit!…

We won’t have 0. Today makes that clear. It would mean that cheap goods could come in to the Uk but UK goods would face a tariff when exporting.

RT @AdamMarkDavis: It was a privilege to invite @AMCarwyn to our Welsh Young Labour Conference last month. Always an invaluable comrade to…

The UK government says that there are “technological solutions” to the border in Ireland. No truth I hope in the rumour that this means everyone in Ireland will be microchipped 🙄

Spoke to Ford this morning key points are: no compulsory redundancies. Voluntary redundancy scheme. No numbers given to me. Unions have been involved in negotiations.

@Trendshed Have you ever stood for election?