All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of the Welsh Parliament for Bridgend.Aelod Senedd Cymru dros Ben-y-bont. Cymraeg neu Saesneg. Cyn Brif Weinidog. Former First Minister.Views my own

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This is where politics triumphs over science. Ill-thought out, and if you don’t believe me look at this line 1/2…

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@AneiraThomas Neu, fel byddai hi wedi dweud " Gorffais i fynd a'n draed lan!"

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RT @Dawn_Bowden: RT @Dawn_Bowden: A former First Minister on the NEC would be a great asset to the work of our party in Wales.

Diolch Alun

Yn sefyll fel ymgeisydd am y sêt Gymreig ar Bwyllgor Cenedlaethol y Blaid Lafur. Rhaid sicrhau Llywodraeth Lafur yn San Steffan hefyd ac yn awyddus i helpu i'w gweithredu

RT @AMCarwyn: I owe them so much and I want to repay them by ensuring their voice is heard at the highest level of the party. That is why I fought so hard for the Welsh seat in the first place. (4/5)

RT @DKShrewsbury: As Unionists, we are seeking to engage across the border with fellow Unionists to start a debate as to how we can erode barriers between our nations in a post-Brexit context where unity will be key to our international success. @CentreForWales…