All deleted tweets from politicians

Assembly Member for Bridgend.Aelod y Cynulliad dros Ben-y-bont. Enjoying life. Recovering First Minister. Debate welcomed. Ranting blocked.Trolls ignored.

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@Johnt_democracy You need more than one poli y to appeal to people where they're elw ting a government

@WelshNaturist @WelshLabour I was actually electex

Lots of talk this morning about No Dealers and DUP being part of a UK negotiating team. No mention of @fmwales or @NicolaSturgeon who are actually elected heads of government. Is the UK just England and Northern Ireland then?

Turningbout as I thought tonight. Almost all Brexit votes going to one party. A greater number of remain voted being split.#EuropeanElection2019

RT @BobbyMcDonagh1: Farage claims to have ‘taken on’ Juncker and Tusk over 20 years as an MEP. He has taken on nobody, unless a dog yapping…

They’re called facts! UK vessles wouldn’t be able to fish in other waters or sell freely in the UK market without an agreement. It’s pretty obvious that the 200 mile zone doesn’t exist. A map will show that

One thought. If we isn't have an agreement with the EU we don't have a free trade agreement with anybody because all the existing ones are through the EU. BTW they years to negotiate.

RT @TeiloTrimble: @AMCarwyn I always assumed you where a brit-nat.

@MarkReckless We had another one in 2011 which was a resounding 2 to 1 vote for a far stronger Assembly

RT @Hectorp33074490: @AMCarwyn What four things do you have to be part of in EU? What four things can't you be in if you are not in the EU?…