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Welsh Labour & Co-op Assembly Member for the Llanelli constituency. Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Economy & Transport. Personal views.

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@MickAntoniw1 It’s perfectly good in setting out to do what’s intended - stepping into the gap left by commercial radio. If that’s what you want there are other options for listeners. But the BBC is a PSB; who is now producing searching Welsh news that holds people to account?

The UK’s Government did not consult the WG on its new tariff regime. Removing tariffs on petrochemical imports could have a significant impact the future of Valero in Pembroke

Trust he’ll be asked about this next time you have him on @VaughanRoderick ?

RT @rosserjulian: Brilliant speech from @Amanwy We can’t keep saying one things and doing another on climate change & future generations #…

RT @YsgolPumHeol: Bore hwylus yn y gweithdy STEM yn Neuadd y Tymbl. Diolch @Amanwy Lee Waters MP #merched #pumheol

Like Rosalin Franklin, whose work with Crick & Watson on discovering the DNA 🧬 went I acknowledged

Getting ready to celebrate women in #Stem in Tumble Hall. 60 9-year old girls are on their way foe morning with @MadScienceWales & @Technocamps to mark 91st anniversary of Emelia Earhart landing in nearby Burry Port after becoming first woman to fly the Atlantic

RT @SheRa_Marley: The way forward is not twitterstorms, it's simple messages that get people talking off social media. Small, local and per…

RT @Amanwy: What can be done to help close the gender gap in #STEM ? On Monday I’m running the 2nd Amelia Earhart Day with @MadScienceWale…