All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour's AM for the Vale of Clwyd. Rhyl FC's #1 fan, often found talking about fire sprinklers. Very proud grandmother of 3. Dislike referees.

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RT @cupcakepiece: RT @cupcakepiece: @RNLI @RhylLifeboat Lovely afternoon watching the first harbour raft race. Well done all ◽⛵️☀️

RT @YsgolEmmanuel: RT @YsgolEmmanuel: ◽◽◽Year 1P Christmas play

RT @HTPSMiss_Martin: Diolch yn fawr again @Senedd for the amazing activities! After making Christmas decorations out of recycled plastics, we were very excited to decorate the tree with @ElinCeredigion and @ann_jonesam. What a special event! @HTPSchool #HTPSpupilvoice #HTPSEco #HTPSRR

RT @vaughangething: At 1:02 in this clip @BorisJohnson says “I’m in favour of having people of colour come to this country but I think we should have it democratically controlled.” Yet another example of language designed to offend most people and appeal to bigots.…

It’s #NationalCandleWeek this week, it was fantastic to see @NorthWalesFire and Rescue handing out battery operated candles. These will create the same ambience but will keep you and your home safe. Candles can be dangerous, make sure you’re aware of the dangers.

RT @BizSprinklerAll: When one #sprinkler goes off they all go off. This is ❌ INCORRECT ❌ Discover the truth behind this, and many more, myths surrounding sprinklers via our website

RT @JamesMelville: ▪️Kate Hoey goes campaigning with Nigel Farage ✅ ▪️Congratulate George Galloway for beating a Labour candidate in an election ✅ ▪️Vote against your own party 617 times since becoming an MP ✅ ▪️Alastair Campbell (lifelong Labour supporter) reluctantly votes for the Lib Dems ❎

RT @CUnsworth1: Just wanted to wish my followers and also the @OffsideTrust followers a wonderful Christmas & New Year. It’s been a rough 2 years but we know we are giving survivors a voice. Please don’t suffer in silence. WE can help 💚💚

RT @SHingstonSTC: A real pleasure to speak to @ann_jonesam at today's Welsh Youth Parliament event. I first met Ann at the beginning of last year and I've learned so much about her personal experience, ambitions and politics. It's people like Ann and the issues she's fighting for that inspire me.