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RT @Jackcain93: Congratulations @ChrisPincher a fantastic night for yourself and the Tories. #5MoreYears

RT @Politico_Daily: 2001 Tory candidate for Sheffield Hallam urges Tories in the constituency to vote for Nick Clegg

RT @Politico_Daily: New ComRes/Daily Mail poll, Tories hold 12 point lead over Labour: Tory 39 -2 Labour 27 -2 Lib Dem 9 +1 UKIP 11 +1 Gree…

RT @InklessPW: One million minority ethnic votes helped Tories to No 10, thinktank finds

RT @timsculthorpe: Tories hold another super marginal - Stockton South, won by @jameswhartonuk by just 332 last time. #GE2015

RT @camusson: Those minimum wage pledges of the Tories, Labour and SNP, and what they would mean for pay

RT @camusson: Scotland poll-of-polls for April (4 polls: Panelbase, TNS, YouGov, YouGov) - SNP 49%, Labour 26%, Tories 16%, Lib Dems 5%, Ot…

RT @T_Miller_Harper: Impressed with @RhonddaBryant challenging Tories about their "grubby little backroom deal" with BBC.

Congratulations @AngelaRayner. I know you will take those Tories to task!

@AngelaRayner Congratulations Ange. I know you will take those Tories to task!