All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @witnwis: Game, set and match to @timfarron on #bbcqt. Intelligent, civilised, passionate performance. Comprehensively marvellous. #lib…

RT @PennysBazaar: #BBCQT Thank you @normanlamb for being a moral man who cares. Strengthened my belief in core liberal values last night. …

RT @ToryTreasury: .@David_Cameron says the job of clearing up the mess left by Ed Miliband's Labour Party is still not done. #BBCQT

RT @ToryTreasury: .@David_Cameron points out we've seen Britain create more jobs than the rest of Europe put together. 80% full-time #BBCQT

RT @ToryTreasury: Ed Miliband very clearly leaving the door open to vote by vote deals with the SNP #BBCQT #JustNotUpToIt

RT @illapulito: @DCBMEP BBCQT Can we nail the myth about UK citizens in EU. How many Brits LIVE in France / Spain - how many WORK ?

RT @Politico_Daily: Nigel Farage says on #bbcqt that UKIP will not take the Short money they are entitled to.

RT @redhotraggle: FYI, @JennyMarra is Dundonian born and bred. #AccentGate #BBCQT

RT @EUAreKidding: #LizTrussMP Wrong. We do not have a seat on the WTO. We will get our WTO seat back if we #VoteLeave. #bbcqt