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RT @Leavethe_EU: UKIP: UKIP Deputy Leader paulnuttallukip will be on the #bbcqt Question Time Special live from Birmingham on BBCOne at 183…

RT @BrexitInJune: Striking that the issue of Parliamentary sovereignty was not raised in #bbcqt. However, that is the principal issue of t…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Michael Gove is absolutely spot-on - The real risk is remaining in the EU. @vote_leave and #TakeControl #BBCQT https:/…

RT @Leave_or_Remain: #bbcqt clapometer says Gove wins #VoteLeave

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

Crisis in UK Steel impacting communities right across UK, some just outside my constituency, but Scottish Govt much more proactive. #bbcqt

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

Unfortunate that tonight's #bbcqt has no Scottish MP on to talk about how Scottish Govt. is tackling steel crisis. Lessons to be learned.

RT @ScotlandshireGB: BREAKING: @PoliceScotland, searching for the entire population of Dundee who suddenly went missing from #BBCQT last ev…

RT @scotlandsaysyes: audience members arrive for Dundee #bbcqt

RT @susannecc: Seems to me that meteor that flashed in Scotland last week was actually an invasion of Dundee #bbcqt

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

Watching #bbcqt is like having a part of your soul stolen. To watch right wing rhetoric on desperate refugees accepted hurts our humanity.