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RT @EmmaKennedy: RT @EmmaKennedy: I still haven’t heard one single word from any Leave MP telling us what happens next.

RT @Leavethe_EU: RT @Leavethe_EU: vote_leave: RT SebastianEPayne: Vote Leave source: "Our guys have prepped as a team - the others clearly haven’t” #ITVEURef

Libs still haven’t picked candidates for half a dozen seats in WSyd. Spoke about this & more on @SkyNewsAust today.…

RT @LeaveEUOfficial: RT @LeaveEUOfficial: BCC head: "We're 1/28 countries. We're always going to be outvoted. We haven’t won a vote in 20 years. We have no infl…

Glenn Thibeault (unknown) tweeted :

#GreaterSudbury In 2015, 1,467 residents registered as organ donors. If you haven’t, take two minutes @ #beadonor