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Member of Parliament for Vauxhall UK. #LeaveMeansLeave Retweets don’t necessarily mean endorsement


Member of Parliament for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford since 2010. Don’t do casework or correspondence by social media. Email me!

RT @Reagoikanya: I don’t think there’s a point in my life that I’ve ever decided not to take a risk. For better/worse, safety and comfort c…

RT @Reagoikanya: You reading this, 👉🏾You deserve a life full of happiness and great sex. So don’t let others tell you otherwise.

RT @Reagoikanya: Great ideas don’t develop in isolation.

David Maynier MP (DA) tweeted :

‘Don’t blow the budget’… via @IOL

David Maynier MP (DA) tweeted :

SAA: If we don’t fix it someone else will, Deputy Minister of Finance warns | Daily Maverick…

David Maynier MP (DA) retweeted @Moneyweb :

RT @Moneyweb: I’ll have #SAA liquidated if they don’t pay – former #Nationwide CEO.

David Maynier MP (DA) retweeted @News24 :

RT @News24: Don’t miss tomorrow morning’s News24 EXCLUSIVE on hundreds of millions in Armscor spending

David Maynier MP (DA) retweeted @BDliveSA :

RT @BDliveSA: Former SAA pilot says of Zuma's jet, 'you don’t get a dud aeroplane like a Friday car'…