All deleted tweets from politicians

Stephen Kinnock (Labour) tweeted :

.@stephencrabb remember this? You gave me a cast iron guarantee on #BBCQT abt rail electrification. Here it is just in case you'd forgotten

RT @NoirMJ: RT @NoirMJ: #bbcqt "Bloody difficult woman" - Bloody difficult to get a straight answer..

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: Looks like UKIP only have their BBC Question Time seat remaining. #bbcqt

RT @bbcquestiontime: RT @bbcquestiontime: Melanie Phillips says that remainers are trying to covertly overturn the result of the EU referendum #bbcqt https://t.…

RT @rog_ukip: RT @rog_ukip: Remainers: "We need to stay in EU to protect jobs".. But we've seen thousands of jobs go whilst being in the EU. #BBCQT

RT @scottishlabour: RT @scottishlabour: "Our country is divided enough, we do not want to be divided again" - @kezdugdale #bbcqt

RT @rog_ukip: RT @rog_ukip: "The disdain that the London Left in the Labour Party has for ordinary working people is remarkable". (Rod Liddle on BBCQT, 3…

RT @ChrisTwick: RT @ChrisTwick: Good to see @sarahwollaston acknowledge need for a cross party debate on NHS funding like @normanlamb has called for. #bbcqt

RT @TimArticle50: RT @TimArticle50: UKIP: Coming up #bbcqt with Nigel_Farage - make sure you tune in #brexit

RT @bbcquestiontime: Here's this week's full #bbcqt panel - 10.45pm, Thursday, BBC One: @RuthDavidsonMSP Alan Johnson @timothy_stanley @PennyRed @TiceRichard