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RT @azizchoudhury: RT @azizchoudhury: Let’s move to Ilford, east London: ‘One of today’s boomtowns’…

RT @Tkwondo_T: RT @Tkwondo_T: Today’s Labour voters ‘prefer Corbyn to Blair’ as socialist tightens grip on party…

@chrismasonbbc I kept on expecting the astronaut on the left to hold up a newspaper with today’s date.

RT @The_FJP: RT @The_FJP: Today’s Papers In which Germany’s Berliner Kurier doesn’t mince words.

RT @passantino: RT @passantino: Compare the Canadian and US readouts of today’s phone call between Trump and Trudeau

RT @yourcroydon: RT @yourcroydon: A book of condolence is now available at #Croydon Town Hall for those who lost their lives in today’s tram incident

RT @jeremycorbyn: Today’s Queen’s Speech was a threadbare legislative programme from a government that has no majority, no mandate and no plan. #QueensSpeech

RT @BBCScot2016: RT @BBCScot2016: Plus @Margaret_Curran & @AngelaHaggerty give us their take on today’s stories. Join us at 10.30 on BBC Two. #scotland2016

Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @seanhannity :

RT @seanhannity: RT @seanhannity: Tonight #Hannity is live at 10pm covering today’s major news stories with @newtgingrich, @Nigel_Farage, @JaySekulow, @Sara…

RT @paulnuttallukip: RT @paulnuttallukip: Click to watch the highlights of my appearance on today’s BBC Sunday Politics programme.