All deleted tweets from politicians

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @SterkNikki :

RT @SterkNikki: RT @SterkNikki: 'ondertussen wordt wel een wijziging bestemmingsplan opgetuigd voor een grootschalige Goudse megamoskee 2.0'…

federley (EU) retweeted @stephenkinsella :

RT @stephenkinsella: RT @stephenkinsella: This is precisely what Dutch people have been saying for ages. Wilders as Trump 2.0 just wasn't happening. https://t.c…

Guy Verhofstadt (EU) tweeted :

Dieselgate 2.0? Scandalous news that carmakers have been using monkeys and people to test diesel emissions. How about dropping the testing and investing in innovative cleaner technologies instead?

Jyrki Katainen (EU) tweeted :

I want to thank @EUparliament, @EUCouncil , @EU2017EE and Commission's negotiation team for an excellent work on #EFSI 2.0. negotiations.

Beatrix von Storch (EU) tweeted :

Die #FDP 2.0 von #Lindner ist weder innovativ noch orginell. Sie kopiert- von uns, der #AfD. Christian...