All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @danieljolic: RT @danieljolic: When you have star candidates like @ParmGill endorse @C_Mulroney, you know she’s the one to watch! #Caroline4PCldr

RT @thhamilton: I don’t think she’s got enough broadcast experience, she probably couldn’t sustain a whole channel on her own, on balance it makes more sense just to interview her on an existing channel and then show a range of other programmes designed to appeal to different audiences.…

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: If May did ever decide to say “stuff it. No point negotiating w/ Eurocrats, we’re leaving without a deal”, she’s now g…

RT @VeroVero777: May’s nasty soundbite today, on EU citz rights in UK during transition, is sure to be slapped down by EU. She’s frantically throwing lump after lump of raw meat to the Brextremist crocodile as it advances to devour her. Pathetic from a so-called “leader”.

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: .@DonDavies: Does @janephilpott still think she’s making progress when the overdose death toll is rising? #opioidcrisis #Vancouver #cdnpoli

RT @Foxtrot_08: @carthue @BantuHolomisa @Julius_S_Malema Sisulu PR machine in overdrive hoping the rest of us forget she’s been in the Zuma camp for years, guilty by association

RT @NaqviAdeel: RT @NaqviAdeel: @SsamanJay She’s a very elegant and dignified lady. A graceful person and a seasoned parliamentarian.

RT @robmcd85: RT @robmcd85: @lightonthewaves @IanBlackfordMP This isn’t SNP questions. She’s there to answer questions put to her. As usual she deflected.

RT @robmcd85: RT @robmcd85: SNP’s @IanBlackfordMP ‘Universal Credit is fast becoming Theresa May’s poll tax... she’s u-turned before, will she u-turn onc…

RT @TenPercent: RT @TenPercent: Theresa May opposed the introduction of workers’ rights she’s now promising to protect… via @psbook