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Yemen - let's not talk about it #bbcqt

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

#bbcqt How do you turn the #Irish border into a #Customs border (as the government wants) after #brexit and not have customs checks? The whole of Europe wants to know!

After watching bit of #BBCQT .... Socrates was right

RT @CCHQPress: .@EmilyThornberry fails to name one socialist country that's been a success - that says it all really #bbcqt…

RT @LiberalBritain: A vote for Labour will mean a Tory MP in Bath. @wera_hobhouse will stand up for our NHS #bbcqt

PM impressive. Real focus on growth delivering jobs,investment & keeping taxes low - stark contrast to Corbyn's magic money tree guff #BBCQT

RT @scottwilks: "I've seen Theresa May debating with the European leaders, and she is formidable" #bbcqt

Mark Ruskell (Green) tweeted :

I want ECJ control @DavidDavisMP to keep my families rights to clean air, water and rights #bbcqt

Jeroen Lenaers (EU) tweeted :

Wat is BBC Question Time toch een heerlijk programma. Zouden we zoiets niet in Nederland kunnen doen? Echte thema's, echte discussies.#bbcqt

#bbcqt UK national debt post WW2 was 250% GDP when we set up NHS services high but less than 100% GDP .. this money woman bit odd