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RT @EP_President: Today’s Commission proposal for trade agreements with Japan and Singapore will avoid duties costing billions of euros to EU companies. It’s now up to the European Parliament to approve these agreements and make them boost Europe's growth and create jobs.

RT @Labour_Cllr: RT @Labour_Cllr: Excellent stuff from Prof’ Peter Slee & @Emma_Hoddinott at today’s #EPF17 event in Hull

RT @Michael_Heaver: ‘@Nigel_Farage spells it out in today’s Telegraph: @Jacob_Rees_Mogg is the Leader Britain needs.  “Al I can say is thank goodness for Rees-Mogg.”…

Jeroen Lenaers (EU) retweeted @joncstone :

RT @joncstone: RT @joncstone: The Berlin Wall has now been down as long as it was up, 10316 days. Today’s front page of Berliner Zeigung…

RT @luiscostainfo: RT @luiscostainfo: How to follow today’s eclipse, even if you live outside the US

RT @JakeGraf1: Following such a lovely, positive article from @Emskibeat in today’s @TheSun it’s a real shame that it’s been cheapened by such a sensationalised and misleading headline. @hannahw253 was never a man, as I was never a woman. #trans #fact

RT @BethBynnagDdaw: For those who would like to continue the conversation about #Brexit & #Wales after today’s #GwŷlEwrop in #Pontypridd you’re more than welcome to join us & @JillEvansMEP on the 29th March in @ClwbYBont @YesPontypridd @RCT4EU @WalesForEurope @Plaid_Cymru @plaidifanc @LeanneWood

Gerard Batten MEP (EU) tweeted :

In today’s Express. Even the Lovies will get the message about incompetent one-size-fits-all EU legislation eventually. UKIPs voted against, needless to say.

RT @Huber62: Read EU Commissioner @JHahnEU’s opening speech at today’s event “Inspirations for the future: a conversation with #Syrian, #Jordanian & #Lebanese #youth & young entrepreneurs” in #Brussels. #SyriaCon2018!DD66TD

RT @StylianidesEU: Today’s complex humanitarian situations require us to work together and scale up humanitarian assistance. Therefore, it is crucial that all health actors join forces. Joining forces can make a real difference #HealthForAll @eu_echo