All deleted tweets from politicians

Bas Eickhout (EU) retweeted @joncstone :

RT @joncstone: The Northern Ireland solution is basically: - We’ll try and get a trade deal in phase 2 that means there’s no need for a hard border - If we can’t, we’ll try and keep regulations aligned with the EU across the whole UK - If we can’t, the NI executive can sort it out

Karima Delli (EU) retweeted @GreensEP :

RT @GreensEP: "President Emmanuel #Macron, whenever you act in favour of a fairer, more sustainable & democratic Union, we’ll be by your side. Whenever you do not, we’ll stand in your way" #FutureofEurope

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan (EU) retweeted @GMB :

RT @GMB: RT @GMB: On next we’ll meet the man who claims he can 'cure' homosexuality in men. Any thoughts?