All deleted tweets from politicians

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

Senator McKenzie admits there are over 100,000 vulnerable older Australians waiting for home care on the Turnbull Govt's watch #qt #auspol #politas

Derryn Hinch (australia) tweeted :

Ban Live Exports. Sounds symbolic but I want to take 100,000 signatures to Canberra on Monday. I’m 3500 short. Here’s a link…… C’mon guys. Spread the word.

Derryn Hinch (australia) tweeted :

I want to go back to Canberra next month with 100,000 signatures demanding an end to live exports. Please sign my petition.

New Peugeot deal for Vauxhall Luton plant: 🔒 Jobs secured: 1,400 🚚 New vans to be built: 100,000-a-year ⬆️ New investment: £100m+ Securing more jobs and more investment into the UK is fundamental to building a Britain that's fit for the future.

משפחה בישראל מוציאה כיום בין 50,000 ל-100,000 ש"ח על מסגרות לילד/ה עד גיל 3.

Tibor Navracsics (EU) tweeted :

.@MSCActions funded more than 100,000 fellows over past 20 years, including 8 #NobelPrize & 1 #AcademyAwards winners