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RT @LineoSelfish: Apparently the Lesotho government subsidizes the petrol, hence why it’s so cheap. At least there’s something good that comes out of that ridiculous income tax rate 🤧

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @arshadk47 :

RT @arshadk47: RT @arshadk47: You gotta admit it, there’s truth in what Malema said about Indians (some, not all) being racist ◽◽‍♂️

RT @floletoaba: Our people are being seriously abused & exploited. Waitress at Mythos says there’s no base salary & a portion of their tips are deducted. Essentially this is free labour & infact worse than that. Unbelievable. Mythos must explain. I won’t let it go

RT @TimModise: There’s a misguided view that @NelsonMandela & his cohorts are glorified struggle heroes who sold out. The truth is these are respected leaders who sacrificed & averted a civil war whilst dismantling apartheid. The world still envies 🇿🇦 for that!

RT @lesterkk: There’s no one at the wheel at the Presidency. Last night several officials confirmed there will be an address by Zuma. Now? Meandos.

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RT @lesterkk: RT @lesterkk: Ramaphosa: but there’s still poverty, there’s still unemployment. And it’s up to each one of us to ask, ‘what is it I can do?…

RT @PieterHowes: White people, pls don’t be pathetic victims and say “there’s no more place for whites in SA.” What utter rubbish. We’re not victims. There is a place for us here, but it comes with conditions: we must accept a process of restitution and be part of major systemic reform. Simple!