All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Tim_Roache: Long day of press on Carillion, but not as long as it’s been for workers worrying about their jobs. I’ve managed to sum up a few thoughts over at @HuffPostUK… #carillion #gmb

RT @Lodgelees: RT @Lodgelees: @EmmaHardyMP I’ve signed, my step sons have had a wonderful music experience through the service. This proposal is very worr…

RT @LukeOHolland: After ages of *knowing* that I’d never feel better, I did. I’m the same, often dickish, person I’ve always been. But I’m happier & healthier. There’s no magic cure. But there’s always people who you can talk to. So please do. And however black it gets, there’s always light.

RT @symeonbrown: RT @symeonbrown: All anybody I’ve spoken to in Kingston is talking about is that Windrush speech by “Mr Lammy”.

RT @NinaDSchick: As I’ve been saying since #EUCO, @MichelBarnier tells @prospect_uk that we won’t be talking about future trade till March 18. Even if we get there earlier, no way an FTA will be ready by March 19.…

The parties don’t buy it. They fear losing control: ‘washing our laundry in public’ is an attitude I’ve come across way too often. (2/2)

I, for one, am delighted that I’ll get a new passport in 2025 to be reunited with the blue passport I’ve never owned nor could have.

Update: I’ve got to cook these before my poll closes. 46% of my guests are getting mushy parsnips. Stay tuned.

RT @GrantTucker: RT @GrantTucker: This is the saddest notice I’ve ever seen in a Wetherspoons.

@MrTCHarris Best story I’ve heard all day.