All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @hiddendoorarts: “F*ck Brexit, I’m moving to Scotland” says @nadineshah - we think she’s rather enjoying her first time playing in our fair city :) #HiddenDoor

@noellevivien She’s so inspirational. Looking gorgeous is her. Nineties. And look at Prince Phillip - Bless

15.) Someone I know this week told me about a friend who works in Glenrothes hospital. She’s looking for a new job. So are lots of staff because they are absolutely terrified of the future.

RT @ashleyeglin23: @AlokSharma_RDG I’ve told Jessica she isn’t allowed to sleep through it. She’s reluctantly watching but I think this tweet applies to the whole thing for her #havingsecondthoughts #dumped

I brought to believe up that heaters waste electricity so a girl must dress up like she’s at The Wall indoors.

@theipaper @brianjaffa A million wee weans wi Natch boxes say ‘naw she’s no’

. (I re-sent this as I got the usual “Just cos she’s in a photo it doesn’t mean she’s in cloves in the Labour Party, you c**t” comments from the intellectual wing of #Momentum)

RT @Shorten_Suite: RT @Shorten_Suite: Treasurer refusing to let @KellyODwyer answer questions on payday lending, an issue she’s been working on for years #aus…

Lovely back story from Caroline. She’s also a lovely mum herself which is plain to see when you meet her own daughter.…

RT @Leanne_Dobson: Can we all agree that asking a woman if she’s been the victim of sexual harassment is definitely not okay? Well handled, @MareeToddSNP