All deleted tweets from politicians

The parties don’t buy it. They fear losing control: ‘washing our laundry in public’ is an attitude I’ve come across way too often. (2/2)

I, for one, am delighted that I’ll get a new passport in 2025 to be reunited with the blue passport I’ve never owned nor could have.

Update: I’ve got to cook these before my poll closes. 46% of my guests are getting mushy parsnips. Stay tuned.

RT @GrantTucker: RT @GrantTucker: This is the saddest notice I’ve ever seen in a Wetherspoons.

@MrTCHarris Best story I’ve heard all day.

RT @IanMurrayMP: I’ve regularly asked Minister which sectors will be thrown under the bus on Brexit. I think this tells us where they may start.…

Since 2010 I’ve trained around 100 young people in politics and public service. Today we get them all back together! Super excited for our first alumni conference.

I’ve done far fewer Sunday Politics of late; in part because they’ve been trying to accommodate my policy of no all-male panels. With the greatest of respect to the guests today, here’s why:

@paulscoins I’ve had enough of this attitude tonight already.

RT @JWoodcockMP: RT @JWoodcockMP: There’s no excuse for this. I’ve lost so much weight since that photo was taken.