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RT @TomJHarper: RT @TomJHarper: Johnson's World Cup threats slammed by Neville: 'He's a useless fool' via @MailSport

RT @soundpolitic: Eddie Mair Talking to Amber Rudd about Theresa May's judgment, and Boris Johnson's (dead bodies) comment #CPC17 #SackBorisJohnson #sackboris

RT @MartinDaubney: Poll 1: "60% of Brits do not find Boris Johnson's burka comments racist" Liberal Left: "This is symptomatic of a poisonous, deeply-divided Britain!" Poll 2: "Half of all British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal" Liberal Left: <tumbleweed> 🤔🤔

RT @camusson: Fair to say @NicolaSturgeon appears a bit more disapproving of Boris Johnson's burka comments than @theresa_may, who pointedly refused - repeatedly - to tell reporters if she thought the "letter box" and "bank robber" comments were Islamophobic. (1/4)

RT @RobDotHutton: Boris Johnson's "Brexit Bridges" are getting progressively smaller. If we give him another six months, I reckon we can get him down to a new footbridge across the A2.

RT @RobDotHutton: Safe to say that some people on the government benches enjoyed Jeremy Corbyn's reference to Boris Johnson's leaked speech more than others. #PMQs

RT @MissEllieMae: Boris Johnson's comments are incredibly dangerous. This detailed report by @hopenothate finds that Islamophobia (as opposed to generic anti-immigration sentiment) is the primary theme the far right uses to recruit people to its cause [PDF]…

RT @alexnunns: RT @alexnunns: Boris Johnson's words simply cannot be reconciled with the words of the chief executive of Porton Down.…

Afzal Khan MP (EU) tweeted :

ICYMI: I spoke to @inzyrashid on @BBCRadioManc this morning about Boris Johnson's #Islamophobic comments. Politicians have no business telling women what they should or should not wear. Listen here starting at 2:13 -…

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

Boris Johnson's after-dinner speaking fee must have plummeted faster than the pound after that dreary, self-important resignation speech.