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RT @WelshLabour: With your @WelshLabour government: 👩‍🏭 100,000 quality all-age apprenticeships 🏘 20,000 extra affordable homes 🏫 £2bn for new & upgraded school & college buildings 🚆 A new Welsh rail franchise 🏦 £1bn Development Bank of Wales #TakingWalesForward #RebuildingBritiain

RT @stirling_tories: Per 100,000 people, there were 486 apprenticeship starts in Scotland against 889 in England. With college places falling and Universities accepting fewer disadvantaged students than across the border, it's time for the Scots Government to give young people the support they need.

RT @MirrorPolitics: NHS chiefs spend £100,000 on failed bid to stop whistleblowing doctor having his day in court…