All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @PeterKGeoghegan: Top story in today’s Sunday Times revolves around Steve Bannon’s advice for his friend Boris Johnson. Alt rightification of UK politics is happening fast

RT @bobservant: Sorry to all who witnessed today’s events at Carnoustie Zapzone. I broke the first rule of zapping “don’t make it personal” + frankly became unhinged. Apologies to the management, my teammates, innocent bystanders (particularly the children) and the entire zapping community.

RT @WholisticLife1: Today’s board folks. Pop in for a class and treat yourself to some self care! 😊🙏🏻💎@ChristinaSNP @fultonsnp @STVAppeal @BBCCiN @Firstport @BIGScotland @RobertsonTrust

RT @joncstone: RT @joncstone: The Berlin Wall has now been down as long as it was up, 10316 days. Today’s front page of Berliner Zeigung…