All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @asmashirazi: Info Minister @fawadchaudhry blasts on today’s add of PTI 100 days published in newspapers. Says it was without his consent, cost over 10 million. سو دن کی تکمیل پر اخبارات میں ایک سے سوا کروڑ روپے کے اشتہارات میری مخالفت کے باوجود دیے گئے، فواد چوہدری #FaislaAapKa

RT @hilarybennmp: Today’s Treasury assessment of Brexit could not crunch the numbers on the Government’s ‘deal’ because no-one can say what it will turn out to be. Instead it analysed the Chequers plan that the EU has rejected! @itvpeston

RT @carolejames: When we formed government, we committed to doing things differently. Today’s results show that we can invest in people and tackle our province’s major challenges - like housing and child care - while eliminating BC’s operating debt for the first time in over 40 years. #bcpoli

RT @Penybanc_Tigers: Today’s game is OFF with the @CefneithinRFC pitch falling foul of the weather! We have 50 Swedish underwear models watching the Wales game in the club later if anyone fancies it. 🏉🍺 🇸🇪👙🍺🏉

RT @MattHancock: Today’s budget shows the strong economy we’ve managed means we can back our public services for the long term £20.5bn for NHS £2bn for mental health £650m for social care £70m for @DNRCOfficial £10m for air ambulance trust THATs what a responsible Conservative Govt gets you

RT @mark4leader: Ahead of today’s campaign launch, this @guardian article details Mark’s wealth of experience and his offer of ‘21st-century socialism’. O flaen lawnsiad yr ymgyrch heddi, mae’r erthygl hon yn trafod profiad eang Mark, a’i cynnig o ‘Sosialaeth am yr C21’.…

RT @thhamilton: RT @thhamilton: Today’s best news is that Zoë has been promoted/demoted/moved from intensive care to high dependency, which is progress.

RT @simphiw_: RT @simphiw_: I’m sure today’s testimony provides that former editor with the necessary entertainment

RT @simon_telegraph: Here is a summary of Prof Jim Scott’s research in today’s Telegraph about what has happened to modern language uptake and attainment since Curriculum for Excellence was introduced. Absolutely astonishing.