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Richard Corbett (EU) retweeted @mk1969 :

RT @mk1969: all very well for @Nigel_Farage to repudiate UKIP links with Tommy Robinson, but Farage’s right-hand man at UKIP, @RaheemKassam has been one of Robinson’s biggest cheerleaders for years. You sleep with dogs Nigel, you get fleas.

@TheNewEuropean Breaking: Thanet Conservative Association has just accepted Nigel Farage’s membership.

Far from leading to “Nigel Farage’s Britain”, as David Cameron liked to claim during the campaign, the Brexit vote has led to the collapse of UKIP. There is now no significant populist anti-immigration party in the UK. The same is not true of most EU states.

RT @haveigotnews: RT @haveigotnews: To celebrate Nigel Farage’s record-breaking 32nd appearance, Question Time announces special episode:…

RT @JGForsyth: RT @JGForsyth: Why I don’t think Farage’s second referendum is going to happen