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3/7 Theresa May’s promise that no one will be deported must extend to all those affected – not just those already able to produce documents and jump through Home Office hoops.

Theresa May’s approach to Brexit is putting businesses at risk – and business organisations like @CBItweets agree. Only @UKLabour will protect jobs and the economy. #PMQs

Steven Woolfe MEP (EU) tweeted :

You didn’t. Ultra Extremist Remainers, May’s #Brexitbetrayers, Elitist & snobbish civil servants & corporate supporters did.#Democracydead, #pointlessvoting, #abolishparliament.

Linda McAvan MEP (EU) tweeted :

📺Here’s my reaction to Theresa May’s #Brexit deal on BBC Sunday Politics Live this month. I was asked if the chaos in Westminster is matched in Brussels - not at all. Westminster is paralysed by Brexit but the work of the #EU goes on. Watch here 👉#BBCSP

Theresa May’s Brexit deal would be devastating for the people of Scotland – which is why @theSNP want to see it defeated. Below is an important and detailed thread outlining just how damaging it could be 👇:

Steven Woolfe MEP (EU) tweeted :

My verdict on Theresa May’s draft agreement.…

Kevin Brennan MP (Labour) tweeted :

Gove’s non-resignation shows his mendacity and May’s weakness - if your PM asks you to serve in a role anyone with a real sense of duty would do so or stand down - or they’d be sacked a strong Leader

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

Interesting take from @mikeBuckley on the DUP and #NorthernIreland dimensions of May’s #BrexitChaos…

Ian Lavery MP (Labour) tweeted :

Theresa May’s Conference Speech was less Dancing Queen and more S.O.S. ‼️ Watch my full response to the chaos of Tory conference at Here’s a flavour of what to expect...

Liz McInnes (Labour) tweeted :

Theresa May’s obsessed with #Labour. She’s given us four mentions so far and now she’s just announced one of our policies. as her own - the energy price cap! #coc18